Parents Leave 25 Hilarious And Outstanding Notes To Their Kids

Joys and challenges of parenting are interesting! And you know that all if you are already a parent. Perhaps, your kids might be angels from heaven or maybe they are little brats. How often have you wanted to scream at them for their small mischievous works even though you know that anger or yelling at them is not the solution? Sometimes, maybe a passive-aggressive message can correct or instruct your little devil and take him/her into the right path.

The list in this article includes hilarious messages written by moms and dads for their kids. It includes the best parenting memes such as funny letters, WiFi passwords etc. We guarantee a smile on your face once you scroll through this very long list. Enjoy!

#1 A Strange But A Perfect Threatening Notice For The Troubled Teens.

Image source: ujustreadmyusername

#2 I Was Confused When I Got Home By The Note That My Dad Left On The Fridge. Then I Found My Cat Lying In The Living Room. Thanks Daddy!

Image source: Cnelz_

#3 Do You Want The Wifi Password Anymore?

Image source: unknown

#4 It Might Have Worked!

Image source: queen_of_the_koopas

#5 My Dad's Misspelled Notes And My Replies.

Image source: Tikistand

#6 Anyone Who Knew This Fact Before?

Image source: Iunderstoodthatreference

#7 An Open Advice. The Dad Should Be Appreciated, Of Course!

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#8 A Note With Love.

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#9 My Daughter Says That She Is Too Old To Take A Note In Her Lunch.

Image source: Michellehas2ls

#10 Something Went Wrong, I Guess.

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#11 Mom And Dad Went Out Of Town For The Weekend Leaving Me With All The Laundry Instructions.

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#12 When It Is Not Apparent Enough.

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#13 A Note Of Appreciation Plus Advice.

Image source: unknown

#14 My Dad Borrowed My Toothpaste And Left This Note In My Bathroom Drawer.

Image source: RaptorCat1

#15 This Is Touching.

Image source: mollifer

#16 Do You Agree? 

Image source: unknown

#17 That's Fine.

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#18 Don't You Mind If I Take A Bite?

Image source: unknown

#19 My Mom Left This Note In My Car.

Image source: MangroveBear

#20 Oops!

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#21 Daddies, This Is A Better Way Of Warning Your Boys.

Image source: ekhowitt

#22 One Of My Friend's Notes On His Kids Lunchbox. This Seems Completely Legit.

Image source: moosobay

#23 My Mom's Friend Loves Leaving Notes On The Fridge.

Image source: Ipostbothways

#24 My 7-Year-Old Daughter Loves To Have Notes In Her Lunch.

Image source: skryb

#25 I Bought A New Hatchet Yesterday And Found A Note That Was Left By My Dad Downstairs. Maybe He Wanted Me To Advise On Putting Things Away.

Image source: Cnelz_

You too can try out this technique of leaving notes if you are a parent. Hope you'd see progress in your kids. Happy trails until we meet again!

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