20 Sculptures So Unpleasant, You’ll Yearn To Unsee Them

Sculptures around the world are dispersed just like confetti at a festive gathering. We could see them almost everywhere including colleges, urban plazas or at local parks. How diverse are these? Sometimes they are great in size or tiny. Perhaps pleasant or terrible too. However, all sculptures don't deserve all the money and effort put into them. Some of these sculptures have the potential to make viewers nauseated.

The subreddit r/funny's recent trend involved its members sharing pics of dreadful sculptures that they came across. We extracted top 20 out of them and are ready to present these so called sh*tty sculptures posted by the redditors with you. Keep scrolling to get your thoughts stimulated.

#1 This One Won 'The Worst Sculpture' Title In My College.

Image source: biblebeltbuddhist

#2 This Man Right Here Is Taking The Largest Poop In The World.

Image source: Paronomasiaster

#3 A Funny And A Strange Sculpture From Norway.

Image source: _Honorspren_

#4 Come And Join For More Peculiar Sculptures.

Image source: StrangePiper1

#5 Hop And Hop To Meet This Giant Rabbit Sculpture From The Czech Republic.

Image source: Ragnheidr_

#6 Eww, Gosh! What The Hell Is This?

Image source: lancert

#7 Questionable And Sarcastic: Mother-In-Law Decision!

Image source: zevHS

#8 Do You Guys Think That This Scripps Turd In San Diego Which Was Expected To Resemble An Ocean Wave Worth $200k?

Image source: ddr1ver

#9 A Poorly Executed Art Installation At A Community College At Colorado.

Image source: Dinco_laVache

#10 Get Ready For An Unpleasant Odor With This Unfortunate Sculpture From A Park Close To My Hometown.

Image source: Reinventing_Wheels

#11 Can Anyone Please Explain What This Sculpture Represents?

Image source: dedelec

#12 Make Sure To Have A Look At Adelaide’s AU$174,000 Worth Huge Metal Pigeon Too.

Image source: Greasemonkey_Chris

#13 The €4,000,000 Worth Art Installation, 'The Spike In Dublin' Rising High Towards The Sky.

Image source: noodeel

#14 For Someone Who Asks What Is Tragic Waste? Here It Is! This Is An Extreme Disappointment Which Wasted Around $1,000,000 In Perth, Western Australia.

Image source: sickn0te_

#15 Wanna Stay Up At Night? Have A Look At The Weebles In South Shields, England.

Image source: cadwalader000

#16 Here Are Some More Strange Arts.

Image source: elosoyonki

#17 Witness The Dreadful Sculpture Of This Unpleasant Individual.

Image source: asanders9733

#18 Note: This Is A Bunny Statue Which Stands Over 4 Meters.

Image source: Existing_Shock3155

#19 Come On, Let's Head To Oslo, Norway To Have A Glimpse Of This Strange One Too.

Image source: Infinite_Tie_4650

#20 Is This Sculpture At The University On The Verge Of An Unusual Act?

Image source: BellaFace

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