11 Images That Compare Life Today With Life Back Then

Has Albert Einstein's fear of technology surpassing human interaction already become a reality?

This has become evident due to the dramatic change of the society over the years. The increased domination of technologies such as cellphones and laptops has made the healthy interactions and relationships among humans very narcissistic.

Fortunately, it's a bit of a consoling point to see that not everyone has gotten into this tragic lifestyle yet. Some of them are still grateful for what their lives have given them while many of them get things for granted. Maybe that you too have encountered so many people like those girls who kept crying and throwing a tantrum just because she was gifted with a black coloured iPhone instead of a white coloured one. Aren't these types of behavioral patterns weird?

Apart, do you remember the day that you received a hand-written letter for the last time? How exciting was it for you to run into the postbox to check your mails? Back then it used to be nice and sweet to have a meaningful conversation with someone who's in a bus or a train. But nowadays, it would definitely be an act of rudeness to disturb someone wearing headphones.

Our society has improved over time in an unbalanced way. There is still room for improvement. Not only technology should be developed but also the humanity.

These pictures best describe the gap that we have between life that we are spending today and life back then.

#1 How The Size Of Technology Reduced.

#2 Where Have All Those Things Gone?

#3 Sharing Was Caring.

#4 Wishes Were Not Limited To Words.

#5 Pay. Buy. And That's It!

#6 Trips Are Not Planned To Be Enjoyed. But To Capture Photos.

#7 Smartphone Beasts.

#8 Going To The Doctor.

#9 Life Means Selfies.

#10 Pulling An All-Nighter.

#11 Playing Then & Playing Now!

Hope you guys agree with what is shared through these images. Make sure to share the article with your friends and loved ones for them to realize the bitter truth. Happy trails until we meet again!

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