16 Times Celebrities Photobombed Common Folk

Taking photos anywhere & anytime has become a trend among people nowadays. No matter if it's sad or great, almost no one would ever hesitate or think twice before taking out their smartphone to capture the moments. In fact, the photo addiction and the desire to post them on different social media platforms might be the driving force behind it.

However, just imagine a celebrity photobombing an ordinary picture of yours without your knowledge. That would increase the value of that supposedly ordinary picture by a thousand times, wouldn't it? Perhaps, for some of you, it might be the best thing that has ever happened! Although we all love to pose for photos with celebrities, it's not something that happens quite often, as they rarely move around like the rest of us. This is exactly where the value of a celebrity photobombing photos lies.

In case you're photobombed by a celebrity, your luck is so high that you've been chosen out of the remaining 7.6 billion people currently living on Earth. Therefore, we present to you 16 pictures of such fortunate people who were on a hot streak. Scroll down to the end and enjoy!

#1 Jennifer Lawrence Has A Reason For Winning That Oscar.

Image source: ryanseacrest

#2 Prince Harry - The King Of Photobombing.

Image source: winnieharlow

#3 Apparently, Photobombing Is A Family Thing.

Image source: chrishoy / twitter

#4 Can I Also Have This Kind Of Photobombing?

Image source: 50cent

#5 This Was The Result Of My Friend's Attempt To Secretly Snap Emma Stone And Andrew Garfield Eating Dinner.

Image source: u/TreasureTrolls / reddit

#6 Rihanna Is The Reason Why This Photo Looks Better.

Image source: Bob Saget

#7 The Perks Of Being Friends With George Clooney.

Image source: cindycrawford

#8 Another Pro At Photobombing - Jake Gyllenhaal.

Image source: u/BoysHole / reddit

#9 Why Do We Need Brothers? - For This!

Image source: joejonas

#10 These Are Incredible!

Image source: donald_aison

#11 A Cute Photobomb.

Image source: Keegan Allen

#12 Tom Hanks Photobombs Ryan & Elizabeth's Wedding Photoshoot.

Image source: megmillerphotography

#13 James Harden Photobombs The Kardashians.

Image source: kimkardashian

#14 A Moment Of Neil Patrick Harris Ruining A Perfect Couple Photo.

Image source: chrissyteigen

#15 The Queen Photobombs Too!

Image source: jaydetaylor

#16 Bruce Willis's Sudden Photobombing Of Donia Yousry’s Husband & Daughter.

Image source: facebook.com/donia.yousry.9

Hope you guys enjoyed the collection! Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below. Happy trails until we meet again!

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