19 Historical Pictures That Caused A Public Backlash

There's no argument about the significant gap between the world today and the world a few decades ago. Many things have evolved over time and taken on new forms. This applies to both physical changes and even behavioral shifts. At present, every individual is granted the liberty to make any decision in their lives. For example, no one will speak against it if one wears whatever dress he/she wants. Simply, all the people are enjoying independence in following their desires.

However, the world back then was not as smooth-sailing as today's. Wearing a swimsuit or a miniskirt in public could have been considered a crime in the past years. Yes, of course, people were subjected to restrictions on following what their heart says and what their body needs. Breaking these taboos was also seen as causing a stir! Almost a heavy chaos!

Scroll down to get to know about such public outcries that marked the past days. And also, make sure to leave your thoughts and experiences in the comment section below. Happy trails until we meet again!

#1 In 1967, Kathrine Switzer Joined The Boston Marathon As The First Woman In History. The Incident Happened 5 Years Prior To The Approval. This Is How An Organizer Tried To Take Her Away.

Image source: barleycorns/reddit

#2 This Outfit Of The English Supermodel Jean Shrimpton Caused A Heavy Outcry Among The Crowd In 1965.

Image source: Darlys Michaelis

#3 A Couple Of Girls Wearing Miniskirts In Cape Town In 1965.

Image source: pikabu

#4 This Is Maud Wagner, The First Known Female Tattoo Artist Covered With Tattoos In 1907.

Image source: unknown author/imgur

#5 This Is A Group Of Schoolgirls Cycling Home To Get Themselves Changed Because Play-Pushers, Slacks, And Shorts Were Banned In Their School In 1953. (West Berlin)

Image source: notbob1959/reddit

#6 British Women’s Suffrage Movement Members Struggling To Get Women's Right To Vote In 1906, London.

Image source: wikipedia

#7 In 1966, The Most Male Outfit, A Tuxedo, Was Given To Women By Yves Saint Laurent. His Famous Models Were Not Permitted To Enter The Restaurant With Their Pant Suits As Such Outfits Were Considered As Provocation.

Image source: pinterest

#8 Annette Kellermann, A Professional Swimmer, A Writer, And A Film Actress, Was Arrested For Posing In A Swimsuit. (1907)

Image source: wikipedia

#9 The USA Has Had A Special League Composed Of Fanatical Morality Proponents That Fought Against Indecent Swimsuits. This Is Lila Lee Wearing A Traditional Swimsuit In The 1920s.

Image source: unknown author/imgur

#10 This Woman Wearing A Swimsuit Was Arrested For Her Uncovered Legs In Chicago, 1922.

Image source: flickr.com

#11 Elizabeth Eckford, An African-American Student Who Joined The Classes As The First Black Student. An After-Photo Of The Decision Of The Supreme Courts On Not Segregating Children In Schools. (1957)

Image source: wikipedia

#12 Billie Jean King, A Professional Tennis Player And A Record Holder For A Number Of Wins At Wimbledon, Redefined The Gender Dynamics By Demanding Equal Rights For Men And Women In Tennis.

Image source: wikipedia

#13 The Very First Female Racing Driver To Join Formula One, Maria Teresa De Filippis From Italy.

Image source: wikipedia

#14 Senda Berenson, The American Sportswoman Who Founded Women's Basketball And Made Modifications To Existing Men's Basketball Rules In 1891.

Image source: wikipedia

#15 The American Actress And Inventor Who Went Against The Stereotypes On Women And Science, Hedy Lamarr. Thanks To Her Invention, Nowadays We Have Cellular Communication.

Image source: wikipedia

#16 Members Of The “Women’s Organization For The War On Styles” Picketing Against A Dress Shop In Protest Of Padded Hips And Long Skirts In California, 1947.

Image source: DaHitcha/reddit

#17 Rosa Parks' Fingerprints Were Taken After Her Arrest Due To Refusing To Go Back On A Bus “For White People” (Alabama, 1956).

Image source: unknown author/imgur

#18 Mary Quant, A Revolutionary Designer Who Offered Women A Miniskirt.

Image source: wikipedia

#19 Paul Poiret, A Great French Fashion Designer Who Set Females Free From The Painful Corsets.

Image source: wikipedia

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