30 Pics Of Surprising Things In Unexpected Locations

We do not often experience surprises. Yet, it's possible to find unexpected things in unexpected places sometimes. r/MildlyInteresting, a Reddit community with over 19 million members, keeps sharing posts on the discovery of fascinating things at unexpected locations. Scroll till the end to see what they are & remember to enjoy!

#1 Encountered A Little Pal In A Shell Picked Up At Honeymoon Beach In Florida. Yes, Of Course, It Was Safely Released Back Into Water.

Image source: crinnoire

#2 A Pixelated Leaf Discovered By Chance.

Image source: ThumYorky

#3 Not The Cookie Monster On Sesame Street But A Rare Formation Inside A Rock.

Image source: holyfruits

#4 An Interesting Caterpillar Whom I Found.

Image source: KittyKarin

#5 Got A N64 Game + Free Eggs! 

Image source: goodpeopleskills

#6 Saw It On My Way Hunting.

Image source: TakenAHike

#7 Found A Mini Door In This Tree Trunk While Walking In Lowell.

Image source: noffxpring

#8 Found This On My Fogged-Up Glasses.

Image source: CoryClears

#9 Pieces Of Amethyst In A New Gravel Driveway.

Image source: fluffmcstuffins

#10 This Lizard Seems To Have Decided To Use The Sponge In My Sink As Its Raft!

Image source: bassmansrc

#11 This Woman Who Found A Sunken Message In A Bottle From 1926 Addressed To George Morrow.

Image source: boredpanda.com

#12 Totally Worth It!

Image source: daisandconfused

#13 A Flower Shaped Strawberry.

Image source: marti_628

#14 Oh! How Gorgeous Is This ‘Veiled Lady’ Mushroom Found From Seoul, South Korea.

Image source: Spudnut

#15 Found This Unusual Tag On A Bench In Margate UK This Weekend.

Image source: lookthatwayplease

#16 My Mom's & Uncle's Incredible Discovery Of A USAF Target Drone On The Beach.

Image source: coolmanjack

#17 Never Have I Ever Found This Kind Of A Giant Dandelion.

Image source: blood_omen

#18 Discovered An Older Roman Mosaic Under An Old Roman Mosaic In Greece.

Image source: IASIPxIASIP

#19 A Brand New PS1 From My Grandpa's Attic.

Image source: ydntkme

#20 Obviously… A Thief Stored All These Walnuts In My Car Engine.

Image source: Yguy2000

#21 Baby Kittens Were Found In The Bushes Close By Our House.

Image source: ATimeHoody

#22 A Buried Cast Iron Cauldron From The Forest.

Image source: BoosterSqueak

#23 Found My Gameboy From Early 2000's At The “Too Many Games” Expo In Oaks, PA.

Image source: 2scott2handle

#24 Theropods Are Real! And Here's Evidence From Leander, Texas.

Image source: Pondernautics

#25 Greeny Little House In The Middle Of The Woods.

Image source: A_Fungus_Chungus

#26 Finally, I Found Photographic Evidence Of My Grandma's Pet Raccoon Named “Smokey.”

Image source: Neville1989

#27 In My Window, Inside The Screen I Found This Bat Having A Tight Sleep.

Image source: mugglesport

#28 One Of The Most Attractive Mushrooms In My Life.

Image source: grobnerual

#29 A Mega Sized Bald Eagle's Feather Found By Chance.

Image source: Gone333

#30 Came Across A Clam Covered Mannequin Head At The Shore.

Image source: reddit.com

Hope you guys enjoyed the collection! Let us know which one surprised you the best. Happy Trails until we meet again!

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