14 Pics Of Mischievous Goats That Were Forced To Wear Pool Noodles For Everyone’s Safety

Hey, you! Put your hands up if you have a goat at home!

And if you guys don't have one, don't worry! Although you have missed the thrill of having one until now, you can still get one soon. So here we come to offer you fun with an amazing collection of mischievous goats. Yes, of course, goats are so calm and mild that we don't even need to be afraid to roam around them. The best thing about rearing them is that we only need plenty of grass and very little space for them to roam around! So, it's nothing strange to have a goat as your pet at all. Remember, a goat could be a perfect addition to your home. We bet that you'd definitely enjoy the company of a nice little goat if you had one.

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A little chit chat about the good in goats, having a goat could also make you feel threatened sometimes. Especially when it makes the decision of using the horns to injure you and those who are around. Do not worry because still we have solutions! 

Number one is to train the goat from a young age and the other is to use a pool noodle! The second option is an ideal way to deal with a naughty goat who tries to attack you all of a sudden. Try buying one to prevent injuries.

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When it comes to goats, they disobey showing their aggressiveness by not responding to calls, pushing and also kicking. And that is when you need to make sure to use the pool noodles so that you don't want to worry about your safety and your kids' too.

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Similar to pool noodles, people also use the headbutts to get protected from their horns. Rather than protection, it would also make you impressed, giving you fun in watching your goat buddy running here and there with multi-coloured horns.

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However, training your goat is the best and the first option that could be recommended. Even though it takes time and patience.

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In addition, if you are keen on treating your goat when completing tasks, you could simply give it clicker training. A clicker is a mechanical device that gives click sounds and treats such as cereals or flakes. Dummies say that the combination of the click with a treat makes the goat realize that it is doing the right thing. First thing to do is to make a connection between the clicker and the treat. The clicker should be clicked first and then the goat should be given the treat for about 20 to 30 times. This training will eventually lead the goat to respond to just the clicker without a treat every time.

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Training can be started as soon as you show the goat that its treats are tied to clicks. For example you should try issuing a command and then clicking for it to do what you want and to get the treat for completing the task.

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The goat would not follow the first set of commands due to the lack of practice. But still you can use another command as "wrong" for it to try again. It is important to always click on the goat's behaviour. Do not give the treat first because it can lead the goat to end up eating without noticing the clicker.

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Hope you got to know a lot of goat facts through the article! Make sure to share what you think in the comment section below. Happy trails until we meet again!

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