20 Pics To Prove That Nature Doesn’t Care About What Humans Want

We always think that Mother Nature will benefit us in many ways. It's true most of the time but not always. Nature sometimes plays a little with our heads. Nature is a supreme humorist that has an unbelievable sense of humor that anyone would be seriously jealous of. And here comes the best evidence to prove it.

#1 An Apple Flood In A Meadow In Ireland Occurred Soon After Hurricane Ophelia.

Image source: KRua/Pikabu

#2 I Reported To Work But The Door Was Covered With Snow Giving Me My Day Off!

Image source: Zega/Pikabu

#3 What Do We Do When Life Insurance Does Not Cover The Natural Disasters!?

Image source: Palpat1ne/Pikabu

#4 Either Waterfall Or Ice Fall? Whatever It Is, It's Now Frozen.

Image source: Palpat1ne/Pikabu

#5 Sand As A Topping For Snow That Exists Deep Down. Is It Tiramisu In Africa?

Image source: Ground55/Pikabu

#6 Right After Hurricane Ophelia Again.

Image source: unknown

#7 New Snow Doors For Free!

Image source: Xingua92/Reddit

#8 Omg! An Exact Storm.

Image source: Enfantterrrible/Pikabu

#9 A Narrow Strip Of Snow In Ohio.

Image source: Elementalillness/Reddit

#10 This Rainbow And Its Golden Effect Is Amazing!

Image source: zacharyem/Reddit

#11 Looks Like A Van Gogh Painting But It's Not.

Image source: ericb303/Reddit

#12 Ducks Having Fun In A Little Rain In Ireland.

Image source: epicmoe/Reddit

#13 A Rainbow Dome In The Australian Sky.

Image source: khemfrov/Pikabu

#14 Whipped Clouds In Kamchatka.

Image source: Hellholder/Reddit

#15 Believe Me, A Hurricane Removed This Top Carpet Of Soil.

Image source: thisisnotmyfault/Imgur

#16 Woah! What A Great Shower After Ages.

Image source: age104/Reddit

#17 I've Heard That Trees Don't Talk. But, It's The First Time That I See Them Swallow.

Image source: holykash/Pikabu

#18 Perhaps, Steve Jobs Is Not Resting In Peace.

Image source: gnom22/Pikabu

#19 Anyone Who Wants To Replace Your LED Bulbs With Their Butts?

Image source: Mymbaka/Pikabu

#20 Someone's Flushing The Toilet In Heaven.

Image source: Mymbaka/Pikabu

Hope you enjoyed the collection. Make sure to drop your thoughts in the comment section below. Happy trails until we meet again!

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