20+ Funniest Wildlife Pictures Of 2018 That Will Light Up Your Day

The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards - One of the greatest wildlife photography competitions, showcases funny and hard-to-believe animal moments. The contest has been held for consecutive years with a large number of entries. Only a few stand a chance to get selected as finalists out of thousands of quality entries.

Founded by Paul Joynson-Hicks and Tom Sullam, the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards aims to use humor to raise awareness of wildlife conservation. As per Tom Sullum, the quality of the entries improves each year while the humor in them remains consistent. Each year, the contest introduces new and unrepresented animals in fun actions.

According to Tom, this is an open competition in which anyone can take part. The usual composition of the competition is 30% professionals to 70% amateurs. This diversity allows a wide range of animals to be featured in the photographs. Tom believes that even a small action can contribute positively to conservation efforts. He emphasizes that anyone can help by following Born Free on social media, sharing their posts, or purchasing their book.

This wildlife photography competition has a segmented composition. The winners will be chosen based on the ranking of categories. The list of winners will be revealed at the Awards night by an expert panel, considering engaging contents, technical excellence, and captions.

Wildlife enthusiasts also have the chance to vote for their favorite in the Affinity Photo People’s Choice Awards. Voters also have a chance to win an iPad.

Keep scrolling to enjoy the finalist pictures of the 2018 competition and share some hearty laughs.

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#1 The People Are Back

#2 Spy

#3 Least Tern Chick

#4 Yoga Bear

#5 Martian Tango

#6 A Severe Headache

#7 Tango

#8 Wildlife Photograbear

#9 Perhaps, The Honeymoon's Done

#10 Hot Kiss

#11 Coastal Brown Bear Cub With A Headache

#12 Smiling Blue Shark

#13 Flying Hyena

#14 Acting Masters

#15 Rhinopeacock

#16 So There

#17 A Surprised Lemur

#18 Happiee

#19 Mother Returning After The Parents Meeting At School

#20 The Singing Moose

#21 Bullies

#22 Crouching Tiger Peeking Moose

#23 Split

#24 The Black Skimmer Gang

#25 Drive Safe

#26 Cheeky

#27 Perfect Pillow

#28 Smiling Ele

#29 The Yawn

#30 Dances With Bears

#31 An Embarrassed Rabbit

#32 A Farewell

#33 Walrus Breath

#34 Should Have Gone To Specsavers

#35 Peek A Boo

#36 Ashamed

#37 Dancing Deer

#38 Order

#39 Yoga Bear

#40 This Is Sparta

#41 Guffaw

Hope you enjoyed the series! Comment your ideas below. Happy trails until we meet again!

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