25 Completely Lazy But Genius People Who Lead A Much Easier Life Than Us

Here are 25 completely lazy but genius people who lead a much easier life than us.

Laziness is a quality that has been automatically embedded in us. But, do you agree that it is one of the best factors that inspire people to innovations and the greatest of art? For example, let's say that you wanna listen to some good music but you are too lazy to hold the phone in your hand or maybe you want to surf the internet while lying on the floor or operate the TV without a remote control nearby etc etc? What kind of solutions do you have for these kinds of issues?

Well, that's why you need to scroll down to witness a list of mindblowing ideas that could solve this issue! Make sure to explore till the very last one.

#1 When You Are Too Lazy To Hold Your Phone But You Also Want To Listen To Music.

Image source: mralix

#2 Dude, This Is What You Say As Killing 2 Birds With One Stone!

Image source: feelosophiya

#3 Next Level Of Laziness.

Image source: imgur

#4 Who Says You Can’t Browse The Internet Lying On The Floor?

Image source: cheami

#5 All Set For Nature Calls At Late Night.

Image source: TheRabbitHole-512

#6 People Call Me Lazy But I Call It Smart.

Image source: GeoKureli

#7 Put A Sign On Than Cleaning It Up.

Image source: MudrakM

#8 This Kid Is A Genius! 

Image source: arvzg

#9 Nothing Much, But Interesting!

Image source: jaf21

#10 Just In Case You Lose The Remote.

Image source: cejaspobladas

#11 Oh No! I Can't Hold My Laugh.

Image source: Barkboy63

#12 This Struggle Is Real, Man!

Image source: Struggle4Real

#13 We Use Only The Latest Hands Free Technology.

Image source: unstablereality

#14 I'm Too Lazy To Go Get A New Razor That Broke About 5 Days Ago.

Image source: AncientChineseSecret

#15 My Brother Protects The Floor By Putting Socks On His Chair Just Because He's Bored To Get A Protective Mat.

Image source: marzipanius

#16 The Peak Of 'Laziness'!

Image source: Zezeka

#17 When Your Laziness Drives You To Have One Decoration For Both Halloween & Christmas.

Image source: Auditt809

#18 Why Get In Trouble Walking When You Already Have Your Grandchild’s Skateboard?

Image source: FreddyAmazin/twitter

#19 Why Us When Google Knows Everything?

Image source: frivus/reddit

#20 This Is Where You Will Stop When You Are Too Lazy To Cook Something Twice.

Image source: NugBug420/reddit

#21 Woah, A Much Quicker Way To Learn English Letters.

Image source: Im_that_stupid/reddit

#22 Now It’s More Convenient.

Image source: hiddenvalley/imgur

#23 A Lazy Lady Enjoying The TV Show, Plus Watermelon.

Image source: Despacitojustin/reddit

#24 My Super Genius Friend Made This Tool To Clean The Bathroom Tiles.

Image source: DingoDamp/reddit

#25 This Is Confusing, What Do You Say?

Image source: Discombooberator/pikabu

Hope you enjoyed the collection. If so, make sure to comment on innovative ways of transforming your laziness into something great! Happy trails until we meet again!

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