40 Award Winning Photographs Of The Fine Art Photography Awards 2023

Fine Art Photography, one of the large-scale photography competitions for the artist community, opens pathways to new trends in the world of photography. Here comes the amazing set of winning images of the Fine Art Photography Awards 2023.

The competition, initiated in 2014 has served as a melting pot for everyone with a keen interest and immense passion for diverse photography. If you have an open mind and a sense of beauty in photography that reaches the intergalactic, then this is for you!

The champions of the competition are revealed across 20 categories for both Amateur and Professional divisions. The grand prize in the Professional category for this year was reserved by Cheraine Collette for her remarkable series, Exquisite Beauty while the grand prize in the Amateur category was won by Nicolas Bigot for his mind-blowing Digital Spirituality series.

The deadline of submission for the entries for year 2024 for Fine Art Photography Awards is 11th of February 2024.

Scroll down to enjoy everything for yourself. Make sure to visit their website for further details.

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#1 Exquisite Beauty By Cheraine Collette, Professional Photographer Of The Year

Around the world, only one out of 20,000 is born with albinism. These people can also be seen in African communities and are considered special and believed to have supernatural powers in them. Yet, not all attitudes towards this group of people are positive. Those with albinism face severe discrimination across several African countries and are even the targets of serious attacks.

However, despite all these challenges many African as well as non-African people are working to combat this discrimination while raising awareness on their health condition. The strength and the beauty of these people should be admired. Of course they should be recognized and celebrated.

#2 Digital Spirituality By Nicolas Bigot, Amateur Fine Art Photographer Of The Year

The practice of yoga and the realm of robotics and artificial intelligence which are two worlds that don't have much in common.

In my ongoing project, The Robot Next Door, I reflect onto the potential of having synthetic creatures in our everyday life. I feel curious about how these machines influence the human mind, body and consciousness.

How could the machines understand things like meditation and self-care? In my pictures, I'm exploring and illustrating this using robot-like characters trying to mimic human experiences in algorithmic soul-searching sessions.

Amateur Category Winners

#3 Abstract: 1st Place Winner – Early Earth by Ria Groot Zevert

#4 Architecture: 1st Place Winner – Welcome to Gigapolis by Yoa Bei

#5 Conceptual: 3rd Place Winner – Just A Pipe Dream by Haley Bell

#6 Experimental: 1st Place Winner – Delimited Rooms by Antonella Zito

#7 Fashion: 1st Place Winner – Women With The Head Of Flowers by Mariia Kozhukhar

#8 Fine Art: 1st Place Winner – Hopper Essence by Andres Gallego

#9 Landscape: 1st Place Winner – Unmanned by Dawei Li

#10 Mobile: 1st Place Winner – Smart Phone Art by Ruben van Gogh

#11 Nature: 1st Place Winner – Dancing Poppies by Thaddäus Biberauer

#12 Night: 1st Place Winner – Nebula by Brandon Yoshizawa

#13 Open Theme: 1st Place Winner – Morning News by Olga Steinepreis

#14 People: 1st Place Winner – Body Lines by Robert Nowotny

#15 Photojournalism: 1st Place Winner – Ukraine War by Yevhen Honcharenko

#16 Photomanipulation: 1st Place Winner – Grow by Caroline Dejeneffe

#17 Portrait: 1st Place Winner – The Duke by Ting Ting Chen

#18 Seascape: 1st Place Winner – Aerial Expressions by Fudz Qazi

#19 Street: 1st Place Winner – Existence by Chuan-Chun Hao

#20 Travel: 1st Place Winner – Cattle Herders of South Sudan by Joe Buergi

#21 Wildlife / Animals: 1st Place Winner – Arabian Orynx by Antonio Coelho

Professional Category Winners

#22 Abstract: 1st Place Winner – Dots by Michal Zahornacky

#23 Architecture: 1st Place Winner – Cloud City by Daniele Ceravolo

#24 Conceptual: 1st Place Winner – A Journey to the Self by Marlena Wels

#25 Experimental: 1st Place Winner – Base Quantities by Greg White

#26 Fashion: 1st Place Winner – Knowledge Destroys Fear by Carlos Gamez de Francisco

#27 Fine Art: 1st Place Winner – The Salvage Mission by Patty Maher

#28 Landscape: 1st Place Winner – Chipoko by Micha Serraf

#29 Mobile: 1st Place Winner – Holy Streams by Shinya Itahana

#30 Nature: 1st Place Winner – Flowers From My Garden by Matthias Langer

#31 Night: 1st Place Winner – Night Train by Justin Pumfrey

#32 Open Theme: 1st Place Winner – For The Birds by Hester Blankestijn

#33 People: 1st Place Winner – Gloria & Alessandra by Francesca Floris

#34 Photojournalism: 1st Place Winner – From The Wrong Side by Gabriele Micalizzi

#35 Photomanipulation: 1st Place Winner – City Walks by René Cassio Scholz

#36 Portrait: 3rd Place Winner – Plain As Simple by Amirhossein Loloei

#37 Seascape: 1st Place Winner – Hidden In The Unknown by Frank Peters

#38 Street: 1st Place Winner – Spectators by Nicola Fioravanti

#39 Travel: 1st Place Winner – In The Fishing Maze by Hilda Champion

#40 Wildlife / Animals: 1st Place Winner – The Beauty of Swans by Peter Čech

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