Photographer Captures The Most Adorable Pics Of Bear Cubs Dancing In A Circle

A Finnish photographer was fortunate enough to witness a scene out of a fairytale recently. He captured a wonderful dancing scene of bear cubs. They seem to dance in a circle while their mother watches them. This indeed is an extremely rare and valuable scene since bears avoid contact with humans.

The photographer who was fortunate enough to catch this sight on camera was Valtteri Mulkahainen, a teacher of physical education from Sotkamo, Finland. He often takes photographs on Finnish wildlife whenever possible. And also, his images of winter are truly amazing! Of course, he is a perfect landscape photographer.

Valtteri had captured these images in June 2013. He was out in the wild around Martinselkonen when a bear mom arrived with her cubs. The photographer was amazed at the first sight when he saw the cubs dancing around in a circle.

H/T: Valtteri Mulkahainen: Website | Instagram | Facebook

Valtteri's amazing images show a group of bear cubs dancing together in a forest. These pics remind us of the endless beauty of nature. 

Image credits: valtterimulkahainen

He frequently shares his snaps on his Facebook page and he has a huge collection of photos that have been collected over the years.

However, his bear cub photographs are the best out of all! The three cubs enjoy their playtime while their mom sits behind a neighboring tree.

Although these pictures were caught on camera eight years ago, Valtteri has rediscovered and realized the circular dance of the bears recently.

According to Valtteri, he had first sighted a bear when he explored the Finnish taiga years ago. 

Image credits: valtterimulkahainen

His distance to the bears had been another benefit for him to capture the most amazing scenes. As to what Valtteri explained, the behavior of the cubs is quite similar to the behavior of small kids. The trio has started fighting while getting up on their hind legs. 

Image credits: valtterimulkahainen

“The cubs behaved like little children,” said the photographer. “They were playing, and even started a few friendly fights,” he explained. “I felt like I was on a playground in front of my house, where small children frolic around. That’s how much they reminded me of little children. At one point, the three of them got up on their hind legs and started pushing each other. It was like they were dancing in a circle.”

Image credits: valtterimulkahainen

Although bears are common in Finland, they are rarely spotted by men. They always try to avoid human contact at all costs. They identify their companions with the blend of incredible senses.

According to the reports of the Natural Resources Institute Finland, there had been between 2020 and 2130 bears in the country before the hunting season in 2019.

Image credits: valtterimulkahainen

Image credits: valtterimulkahainen

Netizens couldn't resist the overloaded cuteness of them and explained that they look like they were performing a ritual.

This might be the cutest sight that Valtteri had received in his life. But, it would be better if he could take a video of the dancing cubs in addition to the pictures.

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