Dog Assumes Role of Mother to Baby Goats, Can't Resist Cuddling Them

For those who own dogs, the affectionate nature of these animals is no surprise. They not only shower love and care upon humans but also show affection towards other creatures. The dog in our story, Loryn, a golden retriever, is no exception. She wholeheartedly believes that she is the mother of a few rescued baby goats who recently arrived at her human owner’s farm.

As this doggo spends ample time with the farm animals, she's accustomed to these scenes. Loryn wholeheartedly expresses her affection for all the animals living on the farm and readily assumes the role of a mother figure when it comes to the baby animals. "She truly acts like a mother hen and welcomes every baby we have as her own," shared Andrea Holley, Loryn's human mom.

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Motherly love at its best.

Look at how proud momma is of her baby goat.

Upon the goats' arrival at the farm, Loryn immediately embraced them as her own, taking them under her wing. These babies provided an opportunity for the golden retriever to display her maternal instincts in full force. Now, the doggo and baby goats are inseparable, doing everything together. Given the goats' affectionate and easygoing nature, they quickly formed a bond with the golden retriever. As their human owner attests, "They spend every moment of the day together."

I am not letting any of you out of my sight.

Posing for a snap with my doggo momma.

They relish cuddling, napping, and chasing each other around the farm. Loryn is devotedly protective of her babies around the clock, never taking her eyes off the playful youngsters. "She absolutely sees them as her own," Andrea emphasized. The doggo serves as a faithful companion, helping to gather the babies whenever they're outdoors and even herding them together during indoor play sessions. We hope that the baby goats and Loryn remain inseparable.

Always together.

On guard duty to make sure that my babies are safe and sound.

Dog momma loves her goat babies unconditionally.

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