Group of Hummingbirds Assemble for a Tiny Pool Party in a Bird Bath

It's no wonder that certain hummingbird species are endangered, considering how tiny and delicate they are. The females lay eggs smaller than jelly beans, and their nests are as tiny as thimbles. With wings flapping at 50-80 beats per second, they're like a blur to the human eye.

Their rapid metabolism isn't the only fast thing about these incredible creatures. Their weight can fluctuate throughout the day as they eat and burn energy, thanks to their high metabolism. That's why they need to feed 5-8 times an hour to keep up with their energy needs. It's no surprise that they spend so much time filling up their tiny stomachs!

Image Credit & More Info; | wildwingsla/youtube

Hummingbirds are sugar fiends, consuming half to eight times their weight in sugar every day. Their hearts beat at an astonishing rate of more than 1200 times per minute, compared to a human heart's 80 beats per minute. That means a hummingbird's heart beats a whopping 20 times for every single beat of a human heart!

Usually known for their territorial behavior and fierce competition, hummingbirds surprised many when photographer Wildwingsla captured images of 30 of them peacefully gathered around a bird bath. The water seemed to have a calming effect, momentarily setting aside their usual instincts to defend their territories.

The birds seemed to relish their collective bath time, and Wildwingsla shared the footage with a caption: “A remarkable moment as 30 hummingbirds gather for a morning wash! It's hard to believe they'll be squabbling again in just five minutes.”

Amidst times of division and conflict, these birds offer a valuable lesson in setting aside differences and living harmoniously. Their shared bath is a reminder of the power of unity, even among creatures with distinct personalities. Spread the joy of this hummingbird pool party with your loved ones—it's bound to bring a smile to their faces too!

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