“How Skinny She Is”: People Are Shocked By Princess Catherine’s Recent Photos!

A new photo of Princess Catherine left many people puzzled, with some questioning, "Is that really her?" due to her slightly different appearance. However, numerous fans expressed support and well-wishes, considering her recent health struggles.

The curiosity began when Duffryn Mawr Country House, a bed and breakfast in Wales, posted a previously unseen picture of Prince William and Kate, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, with their staff on social media. The caption read, "It’s been 1 year since we welcomed William and Kate, the Prince and Princess of Wales, to Duffryn Mawr!" The B&B staff reminisced about the royal couple's kindness and friendliness during their stay.

During their visit, Prince William and Kate interacted with locals and enjoyed pizza from a food van called Little Dragon Pizza. Kate showed particular interest in the pizza dough preparation and talked about making pizza at home with her children.

A photo taken before their departure shows them in the same outfits they wore during their visit to Aberfan on April 28, 2023.

Despite the excitement, some people doubted if the woman in the photo was Princess Catherine. Comments varied from "Where is Princess Catherine?" to "Is that Kate?" One commenter noted, "Kate looks so thin," while another expressed concern, "She looks good. Maybe a little pale & thin, but she’s been through a lot these past several months." Others remarked on her appearance, saying, "Nothing like her," and "Looking happy and being happy are two different things."

Amidst the mixed reactions, many fans remained supportive. One wrote, "I can’t wait till we see her out and about again. I just love her so much. Queen of all queens to be." Another added, "Happy before she knew what was coming."

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