20 Times Tattoo Artists Did Incredible Cover-Ups of People’s Embarrassing Old Tattoos

We all have embarrassing moments in our lives. I am sure; we have done tons of stupid things throughout our life, especially when we were younger. 

We lived under the perception of YOLO, You Live Only Once, and chased wild goals, and made silly mistakes we regret now. Looking back, it's funny and we can laugh about it because it's the past and we were naïve.

But some mistakes are permanent. We are talking about embarrassing tattoos. 

We might get a tattoo that we think is cool back then, but once ten years have passed, it's no longer funny, it's more of an embarrassment. Fortunately, we are gifted with talented tattoo artists that can turn any bad tattoo into a beautiful piece of art! 

That's right, we are going to explore all about them. These images are brought to you by the users of the r/FixedTattoos subreddit.

They share pictures of the best tattoo cover-up they have ever seen or have got done themselves. When you look through these pictures, you will be amazed at the talent these artists hold. They are turning the person's life around, erasing the embarrassing part of their life choices, and giving them a fresh new outlook on their life. It's really amazing what the tattoo artists do.  

Let dive right in and check out all the times' tattoo artists covered up people’s embarrassing old tattoos in the gallery below!

1# Just Wow

Image source: shaldaya

2# Mary Who? I Only Love Marge

Image source: noijonas

3# An Amazing Portrait Tattoo Fix

Image source: dwdwaterdrop

4# I Like Both The Before And After Of This Tattoo, But A Well Done Rework Nonetheless

Image source: dwdwaterdrop

5# Flowers Cover Up

Image source: maryeink

6# Cruci-Fixed

Image source: retardvark

7# Pikachu

Image source: DarkStarFTW

8# Beautifully Executed

Image source: shaldaya

9# Wow What A Difference

Image source: butteryuzzies

10# Fantastic White Rabbit Rework By Ali Burke At Highwater Gallery, Swansea UK

Image source: whitestainedwood

11# Cover Up Done By Rodney Eckenberger

Image source: Back2Beantown

12# Alien To Cat

Image source: sinanyldz_tattooer

13# Got This One Done A While Ago, What Do You Think About This Bad Guy On A Guy’s Leg? Imo It’s An Awesome “Funny” Tattoo Which I Love!

Image source: ynsein

14# Amazing Difference

Image source: shaldaya

15# Compass Taking Me No Where Now Takes Me Everywhere

Image source: crabytree

16# You Can’t Lie, This Is A Good Fix

Image source: The_Cpt_Hazza

17# Little Before & After

Image source: reddit.com

18# Cover-Up

Image source: gorilaink

19# One Of My Favourite Backpiece Cover Up

Image source: alex_santucci_tattooer

20# Love This Floral Cover Up!

Image source: dwdwaterdrop

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