A Hummingbird Nest is So Minute, Make Sure Not to Prune The Tiny House

Hummingbirds are brightly coloured, a few inches long, tiny group of birds with some of the species endangered. The eggs of these minute creatures too are minute, even smaller than a jelly bean.

Follow the tips below to spot the hummingbirds around you.

hummingbird birdhouse

“Hummingbird eggs are too small and easy to overlook, they are about the size of jelly beans! Please be careful about these hummingbird bird houses when trimming the shrubs and the trees in your garden.”

hummingbird birdhouse

Out of all, 10% of these hummingbirds are listed under the tag “critically endangered”. The species that come under this tag have a chance of 50/50 to be extinct within the upcoming 10 years.

Therefore, a vigilant eye during pruning is very much needed to help the survival of these innocent creatures.

hummingbird birdhouse

A hummingbird nest is often built on branches with a downward slant, hanging in open space or over running water according to the The Hummingbird Project.

The hummingbird nesting materials are delicate items such as lichens, plant materials and spider webs. Lichens are extremely helpful for the camouflaging of the hanging hummingbird nest.

hummingbird birdhouse

Let me now present you some interesting facts about this innocent but surprising bird group.

Have you ever seen the hummingbirds flapping their wings? Impossible! It’s impossible to witness clearly since they flap their wings at a rate of 50-80 beats per one second.

In case if you have witnessed the wings flapping, it’s only due to the slowing down of a video or only when a hummingbird is landing.

They have a very high rate of metabolism and the fun fact is that their weight drastically changes over the day due to the high rate of burning energy.

Due to the increased efficiency and functioning of their bodies, these hummingbirds consume half to 8 times of their weight in sugar daily, which means they feed 5-8 times per hour!

hummingbird birdhouse

Here comes another surprise! Have you ever thought about the heart rate of these tiny birds? Their hearts can beat more than 1200 times per minute whereas the human heart beats only about 80 times per minute. This fact suggests that the hummingbird’s heart beats 20 times for every one beat of the human heart. Omg! This makes me go crazy!

Now, how do you feel about these minute creatures? For me, it seems like their work and the functioning is not that small as their size! Leave your idea as a comment below and make sure to share this amazing piece of article with your loved ones if you’ve enjoyed it. Happy trails until we meet again!

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