12 Extremely Beautiful Best Types Of Flower Plants For Home Garden

Flowers are accessories that beautify our gardens to make it look like heaven. They add shapes and colors along with beauty and multiple fragrances to our gardens.

Perhaps, you might be searching for some new ideas on how to decorate your garden using natural ingredients during this summer.

Here's a favor for you! We've selected a collection of stunning flowers for you. Scroll down to see some interesting pieces of beauties that would make your garden full of summer bulbs!

1. Butterfly Bush

flower plants for home

Image source: NancyM

Butterfly Bush flowers are very tiny flowers that grow along with large spikes. They generally grow upto 12-18 inches and are more likely to grow in complete sunlight, average or well drained soil. They could be seen mostly in between midsummer and the first frost.

2. Cockscomb Flower

flower plants for home

Image source: News.cgtn

The name is so hilarious! Isn't that so? You might have probably realized the reason behind the name. This flower is quite similar to cock’s comb on a rooster’s head. You can grow them in rich, moist, well drained soil with complete sunlight. These flowers especially tolerate dry soil.

3. Sunflowers

flower plants for home

Image source: Krzysztof Kozłowski

As you know, these sunflowers can thrive in sunlight and reach about 15 feet or even more than that. Sunflowers would be the best choice if you have enough sunlight and well-drained soil rich in nutrients.

4. Lilium Bulbiferum

flower plants for home

Image source: Sam Timms

This type of lily flower suits people with quite tight schedules the most as they grow with minimal care and will return year after year. You only need to give them the right place to grow.

5. Peonies

flower plants for home

Image source: An Enfield Hamill

Perhaps you are familiar with these peony varieties. Just like sunflowers, peonies love sunlight too. A light shade during the heat of midday would encourage the blossoms to last for about 10 -14 days whereas full sunlight would make them fade from about three days. The scents of peonies differ. Some peonies smell sweet, some have citrus smells and even some have a spicy fragrance.

6. Moonflower

flower plants for home

Image source: ksblack99

Moonflower is a good selection for those who love large circular flowers. They can tolerate any type of soil in full sunlight.

7. Angel’s Trumpet

flower plants for home

Image source: Hans-Georg Kazrath

Angel trumpet plants which can grow in moist and well-drained soil, love sunlight and give big and beautiful flowers of about 10 inches across and 1.5 feet long.

8. Camellia

flower plants for home

Image source: idunbarreid

Camellia is a better selection that would make your yard alive and pretty. A bit of shade, acidity and well-drained soil are the requirements.

9. Magnolia

flower plants for home

Image source: Dutu Ciupac

Magnolia plant is best grown in complete sunlight and part shade, in a slightly acidic, moist and well-drained soil. Cold winds might damage the buds as well as the flowers, therefore, shade should be provided. Pruning immediately or during late summer is the best technique to control the size and the shape of the flower.

10. Hydrangea

flower plants for home

Image source: ginji.neko

Those who love clusters of flowers could select Hydrangea as your summer plant. Hydrangea flowers are best grown in complete sunlight or in partial shade on a porous, rich soil. Each cluster can grow up to 1 foot wide.

11. Allium

flower plants for home

Image source: H. Rozenberg

Allium plant also gives huge, globe-shaped clusters of flowers. Allium flowers bloom in the middle of the spring season and prefer complete sunlight, evenly moist and well-drained soil.

12. Hardy Hibiscus

flower plants for home

Image source: KCDFoto

Hardy Hibiscus plants with large blooms overpower the plant. They love to grow in complete sunlight and well-drained loam soil. You could also try a cup of hibiscus tea if you have one!

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