These Beautiful And Rare Clear Succulent Plants Appear Like Tiny Opals

Are you one from the water-wise community? If so, you might be working hard to save even a single drop of water. The ideal option for those who love planting without wasting water is succulents. Succulents can be easily grown and they'd add beauty to your home with low maintenance. 

Here comes a type of succulent plant that looks like clear opals. They look dreamy as they are crystal clear. Do not hesitate to grow succulents at home as they need minimum care. You only need to water these succulents when the topsoil is dry during the winter season (perhaps once a month) and once a week during the summer.

These special succulent plants come from the Haworthia family which means they are small succulents with big rosettes or leaves.

colorful succulents

heart succulent

colorful succulents

colorful succulents

Do you deserve a beautiful clear succulent plant like this? Leave your comments and please do share the article with your friends for them to get to know about indoor succulents. Happy trails until we meet again!

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