16 Tattoos That Helped The Owners To Forget About Awkwardness Due To Scars On Their Bodies

People who love tattoos used to consider them great decorations. But sometimes body drawings can possess a much more important meaning – they serve as a perfect disguise to hide scars, and the owners feel so shy about them. Though hiding a flaw on a human body with a tattoo is not an easy task, some specialists have mastered their skills in this. And because of that, they can not only hide a scar under a cool pattern but also very hilarious to beat it! 

Tattoos are more and more positively comprised in the category of normal and generally accepted human self-expression. This happens each and every year. The wearable drawings can carry a useful function and that is the only fact makes them cooler.

Today we will present you a collection of 16 cool tattoos showing how some people hid their scars with the help of it, while others gave them new meanings.

#1 A Goldfish!

Image source: nein666_tattoo

#2 Flowers Grew To Replace The Scar.

Image source: geoferreiro

#3 Accept It With A Smile.

Image source: nein666_tattoo

#4 How Cool You Can Beat The Scar!

Image source: tattooassist

#5 Now There Is No Need To Be Complex.

Image source: hawktattoodelhi

#6 They Hid The Scar With The Aid Of A Cool Tattoo.

Image source: pinkdermographie

#7 Make The Most Of What You Have.

Image source: tomsandys

The engraving on the tattoo: “get me upstairs, Scotty.”

#8 The Scar Itself Gave The Idea Of A Cool Tattoo.

Image source: sietetattoo

#9 A Tattoo Of A Bird On A Branch.

Image source: clauditattoo

#10 This Angel Suits Here Much Better Than Anywhere Else.

Image source: art.joker13

#11 Tattoo Covered An Old Child Burn.

Image source: pinkdermographie

#12 Rather Than Hiding The Scar, It Is Better To Beat It!

Image source: tattooist_ou

#13 After All, Can You See A Scar Here?

Image source: sheentattoostudio

#14 Though The Tattoo Didn’t Cover The Scar, It Was A Great Tally.

Image source: bigacetattoo

#15 More Tenderness Due To The Tattoo.

Image source: blackcatstudiokrakow

#16 The Best Thing Is To Address The Matter With Comedy.

Image source: mrhillstattoo

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