14 Pictures Of Strange Trees That Neither Surprise Nor Frighten With Their Look

Trees are known to be harmless to everyone. But some of the trees make us doubt the above statement a bit. Some of the unusual appearances of trees that were invented by nature sometimes frighten and surprise us. Some of our tree comrades show up with a very beautiful figure or a slightly frightening face or a baby asleep on its branches. Can't you believe such incarnations with an ordinary tree? Then this article is definitely meant for you!

#1 Is This The Head Of A Mutant Turtle Or Is It An Evil Bun? It Looks So Creepy Regardless Of What It Is! 

Image source: Aztery

#2 This Tree Turns Back On Everyone. 

Image source: Disastrous-Ring-4970

#3 This Tree Is A Symbol Of Death. 

Image source: SalauddinAyyubi

This is a tree found in Islamabad, Pakistan. The creepy look of this is further enhanced on rainy days. 

#4 A Character From The Movie “Scream”.

Image source: Dee_2592

#5 Whose Lost Child Is This? 

Image source: rockcliffdesigns

#6 A Human Swallowed By A Tree. 

Image source: SimpleMan204

#7 An African Tribe Warrior. 

Image source: D-Frost

This is a diseased tree that looks the same as an evil demon from the African tribal community. So I decided to join the club of fans to exhibit such trees.

#8 And What's Up With This Tree Here?

Image source: SorenLantz

#9 This Tree Is Closely Observing You.

Image source: ZachByrdHimself

#10 An Erupting Human Face! 

Image source: Dr_King_Schultz

#11 This Is So Weird! 

Image source: The Royal Don

#12 Relaxing A Bit. 

Image source: WayToTheGrave

This one is found on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. 

#13 This Tree Is Thirsty For Blood, I Guess. 

Image source: RedoftheEvilDead

#14 A Swallowing Tree!

Image source: jessica_from_within

Have you ever heard that trees often remove what interferes on their way? No right? But they do. Not all of them but some of them seem to do.

Now that you've reached the end of the article. You might have realized that trees are no longer soulless creatures. Stay tuned for some more. Happy trails until we meet again!

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